Bombay Cat Breeds – Friendly Panther With Golden Eyes


An American breeder by the name Nikki Horner decided to create a new cat breed that resembles the Panther.She wanted the new cat breed to have the characteristics of a Burmese, but an appearance of a Panther.
After many unsuccessful efforts, she succeeded when she crossed a Burmese female with a black colored male American shorthair with rich colored eyes.In 1986 this cat breed was given the championship status. The International Cat Association considers the Bombay as part of the Burmese group. The breed has got recognition from the ACFA and all these associations allow the crossbreeding of Burmese and Bombay.
There are the American and British Bombay and both have the same name but are two different cat breeds with same physical characteristics.


Bombay cats are jet black in color with golden or amber colored eyes. They are also referred as parlor Panthers because they are created to look very similar to a Black Panther. Bombay is a medium sized cat but feels heavy when picked up. The Bombay cat has a unique style of walking. It looks as if its body sways while walking, which reminds many of the Indian black leopards. This is a short haired cat breed and is very closely related to the Burmese.Bombay is well built and weight in the range of 6 to 11 pounds. Bombay cats have an age expectancy of 9 to 13 years. This cat has a Cobby body structure with a heavy bone. Overall these cats have are round with round head, round ear tips, round eyes, chin and even feet. They have a short and glossy coat and if groomed well their coat shines like genuine leather. These cats take time to develop and gain their eye color and shiny coat only after four months of age. Actually, when they are kittens these cats look very ordinary, but like wine, they tend to look gorgeous with age. The only accepted color is black and should be rich without any sable. The color of the hair should extend up to the tip of the hair from the root. The nose and paw should also be black. Native to America these cats can cost from $500.


Their personality is very similar to the Burmese. They are very social, friendly, outgoing cats who love the company of their owners. These black cats are full of energy and love to play with owners. They have a unique voice while meowing and some may even be very talkative.They are very curious cats and can easily open cabinet doors to identify things stored inside. They will play with potatoes and toilet rolls.
Bombay loves sparkle ball and will happily fetch them for you. These cats are not shy and will be first ones to open the door when the guests are coming. They will follow you wherever you go like yours shadow and like to be the center of attention.
These outgoing cats are an ideal choice for families with children and other pets. They are easy to train and learn very quickly how to walk on a leash.
Bombay is very intelligent cats and loves to play a game of fetch. These cats can get along well with children and other pets in the house and can adapt well to the apartment where they live. As these cats get older they tend to go docile.


Bombay is generally a healthy breed with some defects were seen in the Burmese have surfaced in the Bombay. Some cats may suffer from excessive tearing of the eyes and also breathing problems due to small muzzle.

Bombay tends to eat more and can grow obese quickly if they have not cared properly. Keeping their weight in check is very important for their overall health. Since their coat is shiny and short with very slight shedding is very easy to groom. Clip their nails at an early age. You need to provide high and good quality food for these cats to enhance their coat and oil supplements during winter will help solve the dry skin problems.


These energetic cats get along well with children and other pets in the house. These affectionate cats never harm children and happily like to play various interactive games. These busy cats even are at ease with strangers. They are very loving towards their entire family and do not restrict their love and affection towards one particular member of the family.

These gentle Black Panther like cats, though look wild due to their resemblance to Panther but are actually very caring and loving cats. They will always keep you entertained and happy. This is a solid cat with looks as well as great characteristics.