Cats Brings Joy And Hope In A Hell Of War (Photo Gallery)

A soldier with a kitten on his head, World War II.



A Soviet soldier with k a kitten, World War II.



Solider nursing an orphan kitten back to health during the Korean War



Sailor from HMS Exeter holding Pincher – ship’s cat and mascot (February 15, 1940) – Photograph taken by Harold Tomlin for the Daily Herald newspaper



German soldiers play with kitten, World War II



Black and white photograph of Lieutenant S.W. Torney, Air Service with cat



German soldier with cat, World war II



German officers with cat, World war II



Luftwaffe officers in Russia feed a cat -1941



German soldier play with kittens, World war II


German soldiers give water to a cat, World war II



A sailor spend break with two lovely animals, World war II



 A navy soldier handshakes with cat, World war II






“…it’s clear on the front line”



Two Germans soldiers and two lovely kittens



A sailor with a cat, World war II



A cat on a back of a pilot, World war II