7 Cat Breeds That Get Along With Dogs

There are numerous factors and circumstances that can affect the relationship between a cat and a dog. In what relationships these two animals will be, they depend on their character, race, socialization, family, owner … Of course, with little effort, persistence and patience of this animal, they learn to live in a peace or at least without constant conflicts. Research shows that the communication problem is very different, eg the dog waves the tail when satisfied, while in cats this gesture means angry. Also, the temper and characteristics of a dog or cats are very important.The list of cats’ breeds that fit well with dogs is made up precisely based on the characteristics of their breeds, but there are always exceptions and of course, they can always be supplemented and modified by other examples.



This kind of cat enjoys the company of other animals and dogs. She is sufficiently self-confident, knows to set clear boundaries and not allow dog dominance. Smart curious and very active will always be an interesting game buddy.


A very curious and intelligent cat. It works well with all animals including dogs. Japanese bobtail is a cat of adventure spirit that will be able to follow the dog’s game. Same like a dog she likes to play with a favorite toy, but also to have a brisket in shallow water.


A foster cat, very mild and extremely intelligent. She is always playful and enjoys learning various tricks, so she is often called a cat with the character of a dog. She loves society so she is very good and easy to find herself in the company of a dog.


Turkish Angora cat, Felis catus, sitting, studio photograph. (Photo by: Auscape/UIG via Getty Images)

An Angora cat at first glance is fragile and mild, but it is very energetic and active. Extremely curious and always on the move will be happy to play with other cats or dogs as long as they acknowledge it has supreme authority.


Very humble and companion cat that works well with dogs and other pets. Smart and incredibly quick to learn tricks. They are also good jumpers and swimmers, promising multiplayer play and dog companionship and this cats race.


The biggest racial cat often referred to as the “gentle giant” is also very gentle and benevolent. She does not tolerate solitude. She agrees with the cats of other races as with dogs. Enjoys similar games like a dog, eg bringing items that her owner throws.


Cute Norwegian forest kitten lying on white background

Despite its appearance, it is of a gentle nature and is extremely adaptable. Norwegian forest cat enjoys participating in various games, from those with the ball to every other game. She does not tolerate solitude and will enjoy the game and the company of other animals.