FIV (Cat AIDS) – One Of 3 Most Dangerous Cat Diseases

All three infectious diseases are of viral origin, very specific (only cats are cats) and incurable. Below are some professional explanations and some tips on how to deal with the disease and, much more importantly, how to prevent it.



 Dr. Victoria Churchill, of Australia, gives a kitten a vaccine during a veterinary screening at a temporary clinic in Tumaco, Colombia in support of Continuing Promise 2011 (CP11). CP11 is a five-month humanitarian assistance mission to the Caribbean, Central, and South America. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Eric C. Tretter/RELEASED)

The cause of this disease is lentivirus that slowly attacks and disrupts the immunity of the cats. The main danger is not the culprit itself but the secondary infection of the cat against which it is unable to fight due to weakened immunity. Cat flies can be called aggressive cats because it is the most common transmission through blood and saliva, ie bite wounds.

Although rare, it is possible to transfer viruses from the mother to kittens during delivery or through milk. FIV is diagnosed with a blood test and it takes only a few drops of blood. Cats are often asymptomatic carriers of the virus so the first symptoms of the disease can be shown later in life.

The most common clinical picture of the disease is poor hair quality and skin inflammation (dermatitis), loss of appetite (inactivity), elevated body temperature (hyperthermia), gum inflammation (gingivitis) and oral cavity (stomatitis), chronic infections of various organs repeating, Constant diarrhea, slow weight loss, and the like.Although cats are an incurable disease, FIV positive cats can live long and quality lives if the owner adheres to the basic rules.

Because of the danger of spreading the disease and the occurrence of secondary infections, the cat must be in the closed position. It is essential to ensure her life with as little stress as possible.

Castration is recommended. This reduces the stress caused by increased levels of sex hormones. A castrated cat also has a lower desire to go outdoors, mourn and aggressive behavior while spinning other cats. It needs a quality balanced diet, vitamin supplements and movement to make the immunity stronger.

Systematic reviews are required at least once a year. When the first symptoms of any illness (which might be in the healthy cats and ignored) should be reacted immediately, as FIV-positive cats are most commonly affected due to secondary infections (most commonly the respiratory and digestive system of the skin). The best preventive is regular vaccination.

The best preventive is regular vaccination.