How Do You Know If Your Cat Is Depressed?

Cat’s don’t like changes so much, they like stability and similar like humans the worst and biggest change a cat can survive is the loss of a beloved member of its community, and then cat suffers and can fall into depression.


  1. Apettite

When cats are sad they will not eat, they will completely refuse food. But, the food is very important for them, without food cats quickly become weak and dehydrated. So if you notice that your cat will not eat all day, you should take it to the veterinarian as soon as possible.


2. Energy

The depressed and mournful cat suddenly changes its amount of energy, either or is very slow, lethargic, nothing is coming to it, or suddenly smacks and jumps. Whatever is the behavior, it means that the cat seeks emotional satisfaction.So if the cat suddenly turns into a rocket or a lethargy pimp stay calm and with a gentle game try to persuade it to move further.


3. Search

If the cat is sad because of the loss of a dear member of the community, any other cats, men, or whatever it is, it will start looking for it and waiting.Often you can see how imaginatively he is looking out the window or door waiting for someone to come back or move to places he has previously been with someone who is gone.


4.  The Voice

When a cat has lost a friend, in addition to searching for it, it will often call him. It will often be sad vocals coming out of her mouth and at the most unusual times of day or night. Also, if the cat was rather loud and often voted, after the loss of a beloved community member, it may become retired and silent


5. Need For Closeness

When a sad cat often has a growing need for closeness, and it shows that you are constantly sitting in your lap, accompanying you home, sleeping with you in bed, or even begging you when you leave home (until that time of course, before did not work).


6. Diseases

Many diseases in cats are caused by too much stress and stress occurs when the cat is sad and depressed. For example, excessive licking of the hair usually occurs, and in places, it falls out, and since immunity is weakened, various respiratory diseases and vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and cystitis often occur. A sad cat needs your support and help.Join with her, marry her, call on the game. Only that way sorrow will slowly disappear.